IOA Part 3 — An Independent Revolution

Is it possible, are the Australian people capable, of coming together in action (not apathy) to take back our future and reset the course of the future of democracy?

Do the Australian people desire international respect for being the kind of people who called bullsh**t and turned the crazy train of #auspol around? Or are we content to be the kind of people who did a whole lot of nothing to prevent blatant corruption and incompetence impede the potential of our country?

Is a big question.

Let’s look at Iceland for a minute. Iceland is an impressive but unassuming country. A few years back they became sick of their politicians and lost confidence in their pollies ability (and desire) to improve the situation, so the people of Iceland crowdsourced a new constitution. The document — the result of four months of consultation — was approved by a two-thirds majority in a national referendum but was ultimately rejected by the government of the time. Not to be defeated, the Icelandic Pirate Party made passing the constitution in parliament a priority, and a pre-election agreement between five parties to make that happen within two years suggests a strong commitment on almost every side.

I look at Iceland and I think Australians are as gritty, as determined and as pissed off at the fact that we are being taken for a ride by entitled, smug white men in suits. I say game on.

So what next?

If we can accept the following assumptions, that;

then it appears a sensible conclusion to establish a political party designed to offer independent candidates the support and resources they sacrifice for their independence.

I have chosen to write explore the potential of this option publicly, because I believe that radical transparency in this process, if it were to gain enough support and momentum, is critical.

I also believe this will only work if enough Australians get behind it, get involved, this shouldn’t be one persons idea, it should be a seed that can grow with the input and ideas, support and insight from many others who believe Australia deserves better than the leaders and system we have now.

If this vision is to become a reality, we need to get working.

We’d need to start crowd-sourcing a constitution for the Independents of Australia party VERY quickly, especially with the 2019 election just around the corner.

We’d need experienced people to set up the entity so that the organisation could offer tax deductions to donors.

We’d need a talented media and comms crew to help spread the word and encourage others to join the movement, and we’d need at least 500 paper signatures within the next few weeks.

Time might be against us, but history is not, and I feel it is now where Australians can show the world what we are made of.

Please share this article with colleagues, friends and anyone who might be inclined to get involved. Part Four I intend to discuss in greater detail some of the conceptual ideas about how the Independents of Australia party might work, but I’m keen to open this up to other cool people and make this bigger than any individual as soon as possible.

Please contact me on Twitter if you’re keen to lend a hand and get this ball rolling. @CharliCaruso

Things I care about #socialimpact #blockchain #innovation #auspol #smartideas

Things I care about #socialimpact #blockchain #innovation #auspol #smartideas