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  • E&E News

    E&E News

    The essential news for energy & environment professionals. E&E produces Energywire, Greenwire, E&E Daily, Climatewire and E&E News PM.

  • Local Futures

    Local Futures

    Local Futures works to renew ecological, social and spiritual well-being by promoting a systemic shift towards economic localization.

  • Jade Saab

    Jade Saab

    Lebanese/Canadian, PhD candidate researching Ideology and Revolution, Organizing with the IWW to build a new society within the shell of the old

  • Claire Connelly

    Claire Connelly

    Lead writer @ Renegade Inc. Founder of Hello Humans.

  • jim marr

    jim marr

  • Christophe Jospe

    Christophe Jospe

    Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.

  • Ciaran Doyle

    Ciaran Doyle

    Geospatial Specialist at Soar

  • Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson

    Danny helps organisations develop and create solutions to a broad range of problems. He’s now applying those skills to help redesign politics for @MYODemocracy.

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