• Ben Koehl

    Ben Koehl


  • Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson

    Danny helps organisations develop and create solutions to a broad range of problems. He’s now applying those skills to help redesign politics for @MYODemocracy.

  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones

    I’m Alan Jones, coach for accelerators, partner at M8 Ventures, angel investor. Earlier: founder, early Yahoo product manager, tech reporter.

  • Petri Honkanen

    Petri Honkanen

    PhD in pol. sc., Researcher, Blockchain governance and adoption

  • Julian Dumitrascu

    Julian Dumitrascu

    My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources: www.sol.enterprises

  • Tom Chadwick

    Tom Chadwick

  • Leo Treasure

    Leo Treasure

    Cryptocurrency advocate. Electronic and sample based music artist on Choon as BitcoinDJ. https://choon.co/artists/bitcoindj/

  • Debbie Bennett

    Debbie Bennett

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